Downsizing Tips – How To Finish Organizing A Pantry By Labeling

In an earlier post, I showed how I organized the pantry in my SW Florida rental condo.  I concluded that article by saying that the shelves needed to be labeled so everyone using it would know where things belong, and that I was looking for just the right kind of label holder.

Today’s article, Downsizing Tips – How To Finish Organizing A Pantry By Labeling, will share my results.

In my search for the perfect label holder, I knew I wanted to use my existing label maker to print nice, neat labels.  Therefore, I couldn’t use a label holder where the labels slipped into an opening; the label holders had to have a flat surface onto which I could stick my printed labels.

I looked at magnetic label holders, which had the needed flat surface and the benefit of being repositionable, but they were too expensive for the number of labels in a package.

I looked at clip-on label holders, commonly used in stores and warehouses, but the minimum purchase quantity was too large.

Finally, I found just the right thing, clear snap-on label holders, designed for wire shelving, seen below:

Available at, they’re 1-1/4″ high X 3-1/2″ wide, and they snap neatly over the wire shelving.

Packaged in quantities of 25, I decided I just needed one bag, which cost $7.83.  With shipping, the total of the order was $14.83, or $.59 each.  Acceptable.

I ordered them online Tuesday evening and received them Thursday morning, via FedEx.

I then spent a lovely hour labeling my pantry.  Now everyone using the pantry will know where to find AND return items!

Blank label holder snapped onto the shelf…

…and with the printed label stuck on the label holder.

I used all but four of the twenty-five label holders, and I’m keeping them for the day when I fill the pantry’s top shelf and floor, which are empty for the moment.

I especially like these label holders for several reasons:

  1. They’re easy to relabel; just rip off the old printed label and slap on a new one.
  2. They’re easy to remove from the shelves when the day comes to move from our lovely SW Florida rental condo.
  3. They’re reusable, making them more than a one-hit wonder.

Since I was on such a roll with labeling, I didn’t want to quit, so I moved on to my kitchen cabinets:

I labeled the shelves containing my cooking staples…

..measuring cups…

…and Mom’s trusty Betty Crocker cookbook.

Nor did I forget about the cabinet with my dishes:

Bowls and cups have a specific home…

…as do salad plates…

…dinner plates…

…and glasses, making it easy to put everything away when unloading the dishwasher.

I wasn’t going to be content until I labeled my kitchen drawers.  Since I only have three of them, it didn’t take long.  The silverware drawer contains only silverware and it’s already in divided trays.

One of the other two drawers contain herbs/spices and utensils, while the second houses the remaining utensils.

I keep the herbs/spices in a wire container, alphabetized, so I can find what I need at a glance.

The other wire container holds my black-handled utensils, including the spatula, tongs, can opener, zester, and potato masher.

Having the labels on the inside lip of the drawer will help everyone keep everything where it belongs.

The second utensil drawer has more stuff, so I was forced to place labels on the drawer’s side rails and inside lip:

I slid the rubber jar opener, grater and wooden spoon along one side of the drawer…

…and two sets of measuring cups, pot holders and an egg slicer on the other.

One side of the drawer’s inside lip lists the items found in the drawer’s wire container…

…while the other side of the drawer’s inside lip indicates the home of the whisk.

It may seem a bit of overkill to label everything so precisely, but I though it important, since I don’t have much drawer space and I have to make every inch count.

Over recent months, I’ve downsized everything I own to the point where I have only what I need and I use everything I have.

I’m learning firsthand how to REALLY live well with less, the main tenet here at START To Downsize, and I’m enjoying the results.

Glean what you need from today’s “Downsizing Tips – How To Finish Organizing A Pantry By Labeling” article, so you, too, can live a happy, downsized life.  What do you have to lose?

Share all your best labeling ideas in Comments – I can almost see the writing (labeling) on the wall…


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